Annapurna Balasubramanian

A diagnosis with Alzheimer's brings many changes in lives of both...the affected ones and the caregivers. You are devastated to see your loved ones suffering from this condition, yet unable to give the best possible treatment at home. You feel helpless!!!
Here in India, we have very limited knowledge about the seriousness and severity of this disease. People don't want to accept and discuss about this openly. As a result our affected loved ones are suffering for lack of proper care and treatment.
In my case, when my husband was diagnosed with dementia, I had no knowledge about the symptoms, progress and proper care to be given to him. I was totally shattered. Our main concern was to make him comfortable in his limited new found world, because his memory was shrinking day by day
Senju respects their dignity. His approach is very scientific. My husband immediately connected to him. It was like a homestay away from home for him. I have high regards for Senju ....his equally dedicated wife Priya and their son Austin for whom my husband was like grandfather. Where else can I get such place in the whole world where I can leave my loved one all alone so confidently. The guilt for not being with him when he needed me the most will always be there with me forever, but I found the best place and treatment for him!!!
Thanks a lot Senju for all you have done!!!
Both my sons then researched and by grace of God we found our Angel....Senju Joseph. He and his team showed utmost dedication, love and care to each and every patient at the center.