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Welcome to The BEST Dementia Care Home

Respect, promote dignity and independence and the ability to choose and make your own decisions is what Best Dementia Care Home believes in. So emotional, psychological, physical and medical needs of your loved one with their personal lifestyle preferences are our priority. Every individual is unique and deserves the level of care and attention suits them personally. Best model of dementia care follows a person centered approach with a focus of overall wellbeing.

Why choose us

Kind and caring people

Home from home living

Meaningful activities

Family run establishment

UK experienced leadership

UK model care and approach

Following UK care standards

Quality of life assurance for residents

Resident oriented centre

Meet our team

Senju Joseph


Senju Joseph, is a Health Care Professional with more than 12 years of experience with Dementia in the United Kingdom and in India. Worked and managed Dementia care centers in the UK for more than 10 years. He is a RN who completed ATHE level 6 in Health & Social Care Management and National Vocational Qualification Level 3 and 4 in Health Care from the UK. Experience as Project Director for ARDSI care centers for more than 2 years. Impassioned about working with Dementia and devoted to revolutionize the Dementia care strategy in India. Implementing the overall UK care standards in our Indian settings. A very challenging process to be initiated with mandatory trainings, care files, policies and procedures, audits, strategic planning, recruiting, budgeting, community outreach and many other contexts. Established Best Dementia Care Centre as a commitment to the Society to help the vulnerable dementia patients to receive the best quality of life.

Priya Senju

Managing Partner

Priya senju, wife of Senju Joseph is a Health Care Professional with more than 12 years experience with Dementia. She is a Registered Nurse with 10 years experience with Dementia Care centers in the UK and more than 2 years as Dementia Care Manager in India. Have extensive experience in Dementia Care and Full time Care faculties. She is committed to make a difference in the field of Dementia care in our country. The key driver to ensure access to high quality Dementia support to the needy ones.

Lesley Rowan

Strategic Partner

Home Manager, Ashe-fields Residential Dementia Care Home, Derby, UK.
Lesley Rowan is a vastly experienced Health care professional with 24 years of involvement in Dementia Care Centers all across UK. Worked for nation wide organizations like BUPA, Southern Cross, Red rose Care etc. More than 12 years of managing various Dementia care homes compiling with all Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations. A founding and still active member of the UK Dignity in Care. Lesley has achieved various Dementia Care Milestones which includes- NVQ 2 AND 4 IN Care home management, other qualifications include NVQ 2 in Palliative care, NVQ 2 in Dementia care, Dignity Champion etc. Lesley has huge passion for Dementia care and is proud to be connected with Best Dementia Care Home, India, where we will strive to provide a safe, secure, caring home following the UK’s key line of enquiry.